Research Work

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  • Four Cases of Antibody Mediated Rejection in living related kidney transplant recipients successfully and safely treated using Rituximab and Bortezumib.
  • Expanding The Donor Pool: Paired donor exchange- A single center experience in India.
  • Study to assess the prevalence of non diabetic renal disease in patients of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with renal dysfunction.
  • Anti PLAR2Ab in Nephrotic Syndrome.
  • Assessment of efficacy of haemoperfusion therapy in the management of severe sepsis.
  • Prevention of catheter related blood stream infections (CRBSI)) in patients of renal failure on maintenance hemodialysis via temporary vascular access, through use of protective disc containing chlorhexidine gloconate.
  • Serial monitoring of new renal transplant recipients for BK virus infection by viral PCR and its correlation with graft dysfunction.
  • To study the factors associated with delayed graft function in renal transplant and its short term outcome.
  • A comparison between efficacy of erythropoetin and mircera treatment of anaemia in chronic kidney disease.
  • A comparative study of capd vs hd in the management of esrd: efficacy , complications and patient outcomes.
  • Safety and efficacy of induction therapy in living donor renal transplant.
  • Role of hcv in causation of nodat in post transplant patients.
  • Protocol biopsy in renal transplant patients.
  • To study the progression of ckd in diabetic and non diabetic patients and factors that influence them in indian scenario.
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